Saturday 14 March 2020

Open Discussion — What's worth considering for the ballot in 2021?

The following list will be updated over the next few months as we read, watch, and listen to Hugo-eligible works for 2021. These are not necessarily what we plan to nominate, but rather works that at least one member of the Edmonton Hugo Book Club has enjoyed and believes to be worth consideration. We appreciate any additional suggestions in the comments.

Updated on January 12, 2021

Items marked with a "*" are ones for which there was significant disagreement within the book club. 


Beneath The Rising — Premee Mohamed
Bridge 108 — Anne Charnock
Black Sun — Rebecca Roanhorse
Repo Virtual* — Corey J. White
The House of Styx — Derek Künsken
The Vanished Birds — Simon Jimenez
The Doors Of Eden* — Adrian Tchaikovsky
Piranesi* — Susanna Clarke
The City We Became — N.K. Jemisin

Finna — Nino Cipri
Prosper's Demon — K.J. Parker
The Factory Witches of Lowell — C.S. Malerich

The Immolation of Kev Magee — LX Beckett
Save, Salve, Shelter — Essa Hansen (in the Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction) 

Short Story
Manuscript Tradition — Harry Turtledove
On The Changing Role Of Dockworkers — Marie Vibbert (In Analog SF) 
Retention — Alec Nevala-Lee (In Analog SF) 
The Cold Crowdfunding Campaign — Cora Buhlert

Astounding Award For Best New Writer
Gautam Bhatia
Jenn Lyons

Embers Of War (2020 entry "Light Of Impossible Stars") — Gareth Powell
Bobiverse (2020 "Heaven's River") — Dennis E. Taylor
Noumenon (2020 entry "Noumenon Ultra") — Marina J. Lostetler
Little Brother (2020 entry "Attack Surface") — Cory Doctorow
Laundry Files* (2020 entry "Dead Lies Dreaming") — Charles Stross

Best Professional Artist

Best Related Work
Jack Kirby:The Epic Life of the King of Comics! — Tom Scioli
ConZealand Fringe — Claire Rousseau, Adri Joy, Alasdair Stuart and Marguerite Kenner, Cheryl Morgan and Cassie Hart
Dramatic Presentation - Long Form
Underwater — directed by William Eubank, written by Brian Duffield and Adam Cozad
Dark (All Three Seasons Together)* — written and directed by Baran bo Odar
Tenet — written and directed by Christopher Nolan
Palm Springs —  directed by Max Barbakow and written by Andy Siara

Dramatic Presentation - Short Form
Westworld S3 E03 — "The Absence of Field"
Tales From The Loop S1 E08 — "Home"
Lovecraft Country S1 E01 — "Sundown"

Fan Writer
Adri Joy
James Wallace Harris
Kris Vyas-Myall
Gideon Marcus
James Davis Nicoll
Alasdair Stuart
Paul Weimer

Best Graphic Story
Grendel: Devil's Odyssey — written and drawn by Matt Wagner
The Magnificent Ms. Marvel — Saladin Ahmed
Black Stars Above — written by Lonnie Nadler, art by Jenna Cha
Wasted Space Vol. 3 — Michael Moreci
Invisible Kingdom Vol. 2 — written by G. Willow Wilson, art by Christian Ward

On Spec


  1. I would add "Ring Shout" by P. Djeli Clark for novella. And for the Lodestar Award for Young Adult Book, Cemetery Boys by Aiden Thomas, A Wizard's Guide to Defensive Baking by T. Kingfisher, and Raybearer by Jordan Ifueko.

  2. Maritime author J.R.H. Lawless here! Not sure what the policy is on self-listing, but eligible for the Astounding Award for the first time this year, with my two 2020, mid-pandemic debut SF humour novels, ALWAYS GREENER and THE RUDE EYE OF REBELLION (out in ebook/print/hardcover from Uproar Books and in audiobook from Tantor Media). I'd love to be added to the list, and am also happy to send any materials you wish to Hugo voters!

  3. Is "The Color Out Of Space" eligible? I think it premiered in 2019 at the Toronto Film Festival.

    1. It's eligibility was extended for 2021 at the ConZealand WSFS business meeting, under 3.4.3 of the WSFS constitution.

    2. Ah, I did not know that. This complicates my nominations strategy. Now I am wondering what other delights might have had their eligibility extended.

    3. Five items had extended eligibility (which is the most that's ever happened in a single year). Tweeted the list (and saw that you liked that tweet).

      But for anyone who looks at this comments section later, the 2019 releases that were extended eligibility at the last WSFS business meeting:
      Dramatic Presentation:
      Color out of Space
      Vast of Night
      Beastars Volume 1

      For Best Related:
      Annotated Asimov Bibliography